Are you a freight broker?

Do you want to make more money with your logistics business?

At Custom Permits our purpose is to provide a confident, stress-free, and easy way to stay legal. We know that the traditional way of running a freight brokerage or logistics business is to have the driver or carrier be responsible for getting their permits. We also know from working with these drivers and carriers, that they HATE the permits process. Let's face it, no one likes paperwork.

So what does this mean for me?

What we have found is that the permit problem is much easier for us to deal with than the broker or the driver.

Let us handle the permit process and any business that you refer to us will make you revenue.

We are looking for logistics companies who are looking for more cutting edge ways of doing business and want to provide maximum value to their customers.

Let us be your permit power house.

Doesn't this mean more work?


The last thing we want to do is add more to your already busy work schedule.

The only way this really works is if you DON'T need to learn how to do permits, right?

Just forward your driver or carrier to us, via phone @ (614) 351-1740, and we'll handle the rest.
Have them mention your company so we can put money in your pocket.

The customer will receive the permits via email when they are ready and can be on their way.

The best part...

You customers will love you because you helped them with the one thing they hate and they're now on the road making money.

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