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Trip Permits

Call us when you’re hauling a load outside of your normal territory. We can get you a temporary trip permit, or multiple ones, for anywhere in U.S. in as little as one hour.

Fuel Permits

Call us if you’re NOT registered under IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement.) You will probably need a Fuel Permit, which we can usually acquire in hours.


Overweight/ Oversize

80,000 pounds and/or over 8 ½ feet wide or 13 ½ feet high. You almost certainly need an oversize or overweight permit.

Super Loads

Call us if you have a load that’s way past overweight/ oversized. We can help you with special permits and hook you up with ways to do bridge surveys, plan routes and other items.



Call us when you will need to haul something that requires State Police, Surveys or Escorts. You’ll need LOTS of help to get on the road legally. We can aid you to get all the permits you need.

Partner With Us

We are working on a new way to offer services to other Permit Agencies so they can provide permits in a faster, more efficient and easy to use way. If you are a permit agency and would like to learn more about how we can partner together to create a better permit industry for everyone, please call us at (614)351-1740.