Our History

Specializing in Fuel, Trip and OverDimensional permits for the trucking industry, and the New York State Highway Use Tax permits and stickers, Custom Permit Service is one of the oldest continuously operating permit services in the country. Established in 1977, Custom Permits first started by providing fuel and trip permits for our customers. Then, in the early 80's, Custom Permits expanded issuing OverDimensional permits. Now we are able to procure OverDimensional, Fuel and Trip permits for all the United States and Canadian provinces, while still being able to fulfill our customers needs on a timely, accurate, and friendly basis.

The employees of Custom Permits have always promised and delivered on the philosophy of providing reliable, timely, and courteous service, while maintaining that "small company" feel. We do not assign account numbers or security codes to our customers when ordering permits. When you call, you use your first name and your company name. Your order is then processed with the various state agencies. If there are problems or a knowing delay, we will notify you immediately because we know that "down-time" is costly for both you and your driver. After your permits are approved and in our hands, they will be sent directly to the fax number provided to us.

We are confident that Custom Permit Service has a high standard of excellence in the permit industry and what we lack in size, we make up for in friendly and dependable service.



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