About Custom Permits

At Custom Permits our number one priority is providing the most personal and accurate service that we possily can.

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Our History

Custom Permits is one of the oldest continuously operating permit services in the country. Our company was established in 1977, providing fuel and trip permits. We expanded our services in the early 1980’s to include OverDimensional permits.

Now we are able to provide Special Truck Permit Service for OverDimensional, Fuel and Trip permits for all the United States, as part of the suite of 180+ permits types we offer.

There have been some major changes in the trucking industry over the years, but our focus on providing top-quality, complete service is the same as when we started.


Our Staff

Then we had just two enthusiastic employees, now our entire staff is just as dedicated to giving great PERSONAL service. We are still focused on fulfilling the needs of our customers on a timely, accurate, and friendly basis. The difference is how much more we can do for customers - and how much faster we can be. Trucks have become more sophisticated, and so have we.

Today, we use our own proprietary technology to help our customers secure permits faster and with less red tape.

Our Technology

Our EasyPermits© application saves you time when you want to just “get a permit.” If you have had a permit in the state or states that you want to travel.

If you’ve ordered the permit you need from us before, you DON’T have to re-enter all your information. Simply click Reorder on the permit you ordered last time and checkout. – as long as your insurance carrier hasn’t changes – we have it all. We’ll get your order through the complicated maze of the state and federal permit systems with a minimum of frustrations – and time!

Our size makes us nimble and our technology places us among the speediest, most efficient resources you can use. Call us for PERSONAL Truck Permit Service.