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EasyPermits is a revolutionary new way to get your permits faster, more accurately, and of course much easier. We saw a gap in the ease of use in other permit tools on the market and decided to create a brand new tool from the ground up.

If you hate big long forms and lots and lots of typing - you will love EasyPermits.
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What is EasyPermits?

EasyPermits is an online ordering system for any and all truck permits you might need in order to be compliant with federal/state/provincial regulations. We call this service EasyPermits because it combines ease of use with the availability to get complete data. You need only to log in and ordering is simple

How does EasyPermits work?

Simply log in and order or re-order. Once you have a created a login and entered all the information needed, you can order or re-order fuel, trip, oversize/overweight or any of the many other truck permits we offer.

Can i see stats and records?

You can see and download any records, any time you log in, you can search by carrier, by vehicle and date for and permits – current, pending and expired.

Download your complete history, including a record of all payments, easily in PDF format.

how easy is it to use EasyPermits?

Just follow the simple instructions on the dashboard. Orders are quick and simple.

Re-orders for one or more registered vehicles are even easier. We save all information for your company and each specific truck and trailer.

Just make a few changes (like date/time) and you’re done.