Have you heard about TURBO Permits?

TURBO Permits for when you are in a hurry

Introducing a new feature in EasyPermits…TURBO Permits! The permits you TURBO will automatically be created and downloadable as soon as you checkout. If you have ever wanted to get your permits right away, you will love this feature.

How do I use TURBO Permits?

All you need to do is select which permits you would like to TURBO when you are checking out. Select permit types are available for TURBO so you will see a pop-up if you have permits in your cart that are eligible. To remove TURBO from a permit that already has TURBO applied, click the “X” in the blue TURBO box when viewing your cart.

Can I make changes after a TURBO permit is created?

Since the permit is created immediately when you checkout – it is now a Legal Document in the State of that permit – we can not make any modifications. In order for you to have accurate permits, EasyPermits will check your fields to make sure they have correct number of digits, but please make sure you double check your permit before placing the order (especially the VIN, Federal ID, License Plate, and start date/time).

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TURBO Permit Types

State Permit Type Notes
Alabama Fuel (IFTA)
Alabama Trip (IRP)
Alabama Combo (IRP & IFTA)
Arkansas Trip (IRP)
Connecticut Fuel (IFTA)
Delaware Fuel (IFTA)
Delaware Trip (IRP)
Florida Fuel (IFTA)
Florida Trip (IRP)
Indiana Fuel (IFTA)
Indiana Trip (IRP)
Louisiana Trip (IRP)
Maine Fuel (IFTA)
Maine Trip (IRP)
Maryland Fuel (IFTA)
Maryland Trip (IRP)
Massachusetts Fuel (IFTA)
Massachusetts Trip (IRP)
Massachusetts Combo (IRP & IFTA)
Michigan Fuel (IFTA) 3 per year per DOT
Michigan Trip (IRP) 3 per year per VIN
Missouri Fuel (IFTA)
Missouri Trip (IRP)
Missouri Combo (IRP & IFTA)
Nevada Fuel (IFTA)
Nevada Trip (IRP)
Nevada Combo (IRP & IFTA)
Nevada Fuel (IFTA) (Bus)
Nevada Trip (IRP) (Bus)
Nevada Combo (IRP & IFTA) (Bus)
North Carolina Fuel (IFTA)
Ohio Trip (IRP)
Pennsylvania Fuel (IFTA)
Pennsylvania Trip (IRP)
Rhode Island Fuel (IFTA)
South Carolina Fuel (IFTA)
South Carolina Trip (IRP)
Tennessee Fuel (IFTA)
Tennessee Trip (IRP)
Texas Fuel (IFTA)
West Virginia Combo (IRP & IFTA)